Aya Brea is supposedly humanity’s last hope against the Twisted, but there appears to be an unsavory back up plan. In these localized screenshots from The 3rd Birthday a newscaster says if Aya fails her mission the government will resort to a nuclear strike, but the game probably won’t let that happen.


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Players can power Aya up by purchasing new weapons with BP and equipping Over Energy chips. Aya earns chips after an Overdive kill, a move that has Aya dive into the Twisted to finish them off. Chips mutate is you place them nearby each other, which results in stronger abilities for Aya.


OE_DNA Board_08 OE_DNA Board_09 OE_DNA Board_10 OE_DNA Board_01 OE_DNA Board_2 OE_DNA Board_03 OE_DNA Board_04 OE_DNA Board_05 OE_DNA Board_06 OE_DNA Board_07 Weapon_01 Weapon_02 Weapon_03 Weapon_04 Weapon_05 Weapon_06 Weapon_07 Weapon_08 Weapon_09 Menu_01 Menu_02 Menu_03 Menu_04 Menu_05


Aya retains whatever guns she equips before a mission begins and her "protective gear" even when she dives into other characters on the battlefield. She can also take over a helicopter by jumping into the mind of a pilot.


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The 3rd Birthday makes its debut in North America on March 29.

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