An Overview Of The World And Rulers Of Final Fantasy Type-0


Final Fantasy Type-0 focuses on four nations — Rubrum, Milites, Lorica and Concordia — and a war sparked by a struggle for crystals. Here’s a look at each, along with a leader or prominent character from each nation.


Rubrum Peristylium Suzaku:


Rubrum is the country the characters you play as hail from. It controls the Suzaku crystal, located in the centre of the Peristylium Suzaku magic academy. Rubrum is a magically-inclined nation. When the Milites empire invades, the students at the academy try to fight back.



Khalia Chival VI:


Khalia Chival is the headmaster of the Suzaku academy, and ruler of Rubrum. In his younger days, he was known as a great wizard, and now has the confidence of others around him.



Milites Empire:


Final Fantasy Type-0’s story is about a war between nations, which is sparked by an invasion from the Milites empire. The Milites empire, home to the Peristylium Byakko, is highly technologically-developed, unlike Rebrum, which is more magically-inclined. Milites have developed a weapon called the Crystal Jammer, which renders Suzaku’s crystal powerless.



Cid Aulstyne:


In Type-0, Cid is the leader of the Milites empire. He also appears to be a bad guy. Cid is trying to seize all four crystals — each nation holds one — in the world of Type-0. He breaks a treaty signed between the four nations, which sparks a war.



Lorica Alliance:


Lorica possesses the Genbu crystal and is home to the Peristylium Genbu. They’ve harnessed the power of crystals to improve their own bodies. As a result, the people of Lorica have bigger physiques than normal, and can stand up to magic. Gilgamesh hails from Lorica.





Ah, here we go. Gilgamesh, of Lorica, is a L’cie with the power of the Genbu crystal. You’ll fight him as a boss in Final Fantasy Type-0.



The Kingdom of Concordia:



The Kingdom of Concordia is where the Souryu Peristylium and Souryu crystal are. It appears that all members of Concordia’s government are female. Concordia’s people aren’t physically big and fight using long spears. They can also summon dragons.





Andoria is the queen of Concordia and the only one who can communicate with the Souryu crystal and its physical manifestation, the Queen Dragon. Known for being just and fair, Andoria honours and upholds the law.


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