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Angelique Luminarise Demo Lets You Play The First 27 Days

Angelique Luminarise demo - Day 3 with Yue

Koei Tecmo and Ruby Party have released a demo version of Angelique Luminarise on the Japanese Nintendo eShop. This demo lets players experience the first 27 days in the otome adventure game. Those who purchase the full game will be able to carry over their save data from the demo to continue past the 27th day. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

In this otome game, the player assumes the role of a 25 years-old female worker named Ange. Ange is summoned to a fantastic aerial city as one of the queen candidates. The other candidate is Reina, who also comes from the same region as her.

In the first few days, Ange will learn the basic daily game flows, such as developing cities and interacting with the nine Guardians and other characters. The demo ends on the 27th day when the first regular queen exam review begins for Ange and Reina. City development will play a major role in the gameplay. Other than determining the winner of the regular reviews, the player’s method will determine landmarks that can be built and visited for dates.

Koei Tecmo will release the Nintendo Switch otome game Angelique Luminarise in Japan and Asia on May 20, 2021. Other than Japanese, the game will also have Traditional and Simplified Chinese subtitles.

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