Animal Crossing: New Horizons Won’t Support Save Data Transfer Or Cloud Saves

A German download card for Animal Crossing: New Horizons revealed that the game won’t support save data transfer and confirmed that cloud saves are indeed unavailable to the game. [Thanks, Resetera!]

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The download card revealed that the game will take up 6.2 GB of space on the Switch, with more required when factoring in updates. Only one island can be created per console, shared between every player profile on the Switch, which could explain why Animal Crossing: New Horizons save data transfer will be disabled. Save data transfer is done by linking together two Switches together to transfer the save data via Nintendo Account to a different Switch with the same registered player profile. Meanwhile, E3 2019 first brought up that Animal Crossing: New Horizons cloud saves wouldn’t be an option.

Finally, the download card reveals that the game will be compatible with amiibos, likely referring to the Animal Crossing amiibo and amiibo cards that were released for amiibo Festival, Happy Home Designer, and New Leaf: Welcome amiibo. In those games, tapping an amiibo would let you invite that villager to your town to visit and potentially move in.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will appear on March 20, 2020 on the Nintendo Switch. A special Nintendo Switch will be released alongside the game, but you’ll be able to buy the Dock and special Joy-Cons separately in Japan.

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