Animals Blow Up Aliens in Super Exploding Zoo

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We here at Siliconera are no strangers to exploding animals. We’ve mastered the art of Prinny warfare years ago—which means everyone should take to Super Exploding Zoo quite easily. In it, Honeyslug takes us to a place where every animal can explode. But it’s okay! Don’t mourn the loss, as the sacrifice was noble.


See, aliens have landed in this particular zoo. They’re horrible creatures with a hunger for defenseless eggs. Fortunately, the 30 something animals living there all have a habit of exploding on contact. If an alien appears, gather a herd of volatile creatures together and send them off to face the menace head-on.


It’s incredibly easy. All someone has to do is guide the animal they’re controlling over to other, slumbering animals. Then, move the group over to an alien. They’ll automatically explode on contact, damaging the enemy. If you have a big enough group, they’ll take the baddie down. Should you come up short, you’ll be left with one animal that you can take to round up additional allies.


Some of them even have specific abilities. A player starts with the basic penguin, but eventually other animals like crocodiles and monkeys appear. These can do things in the overworld, to allow access to blocked area. Like one crocodile can be sacrificed to create a bridge over water to reach additional troops.


This goes on for 80 levels, though I wasn’t able to take on that many at the PlayStation Experience. After all, you only have time for a taste at an event like this. Still, from what I did experience, I think this could prove to be a palate cleanser. A game you play in 15 minute intervals, or when you need a break between bigger, longer titles.

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