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Antipole DX Shows Off Gravity-Flipping Action In New Trailer




A new trailer has released for gravity-based 3DS/Wii U sidescroller Antipole DX, showing off some of the visual upgrades the updated version of the game has received along with its gravity-flipping mechanic in action.




Antipole, originally released a few years ago, has received a visual and audio upgrade for this improved release. Antipole DX makes heavy use of a gravity-flipping mechanic, which players use to switch themselves and objects between the floor and ceiling, using this ability to dodge hazards, fight enemies, and solve puzzles.




This new version will feature stereoscopic 3D on 3DS and off-screen play on Wii U, as well as Miiverse integration, Miiverse stamps, new stages, and an online leaderboard. Originally expected to release in Summer of 2015, it is now projected to release later this year.

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