Anycolor Claims It Didn’t Make Confidentiality Violations With Nijisanji’s Selen

Nijisanji Vtuber Selen Tatsuki Released From Hospital Anycolor Statement Claims It Hasn’t Made Confidentiality Violations Regarding Nijisanji’s Selen
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Following the release of a video statement by Nijisanji’s Vtubers Elira Pendora, Vox Akuma, and Ike Eveland about the Selen Tatsuki situation, Anycolor released a statement on social media that claimed it “has not made any confidentiality violations” when sharing information from Selen Tatsuki and her lawyer with its livers. It revealed it shared parts of the information as part of an internal investigation.

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On February 12, 2024, a video was shared on Elira’s YouTube channel with her, Vox, and Ike speaking about the situation. It noted the three of them had seen the documents provided by the person behind Selen Tatsuki and her lawyer to Nijisanji parent company Anycolor. In the latest announcement, Anycolor claimed “necessary parts of the information” was shared with its performers. It also claimed the Vtubers with the company “are not held to any confidentiality obligation regarding the information shared to them from Anycolor Inc.”

Here is the full statement from social media:

Regarding concerns that have arisen in relation to the current situation.

In the stream done earlier by our Livers (A Message from NIJISANJI EN), it was mentioned that parts of information received from Selen and her lawyer was shared to them by ANYCOLOR Inc.

As mentioned in that stream and in the notice published by ANYCOLOR Inc. (Notice: Termination of Selen Tatsuki’s Contract with ANYCOLOR), Selen and her lawyer claimed that “Livers affiliated with ANYCOLOR Inc. were involved” and that they will hold ANYCOLOR Inc. legally responsible. 

Selen and her lawyer mentioned the possibility that they will also hold Livers affiliated with ANYCOLOR Inc. legally responsible. 

In order to check the validity of Selen and her lawyer’s claim, ANYCOLOR Inc. shared only necessary parts of the information sent by her lawyer with our Livers and led an internal investigation. 

To begin with, ANYCOLOR Inc. has not made any confidentiality violations regarding submitted documents for legal claims such as these. However, regarding the specific information and documents which Selen’s lawyer requested that we do not share with our Livers, with utmost consideration of this request ANYCOLOR Inc. has not shared any such information.

In addition, our Livers are not held to any confidentiality obligation regarding the information shared to them from ANYCOLOR Inc. Thus, there are no legal issues regarding the information shared to the public in the stream made by our Livers.

After a rigorous legal check, ANYCOLOR Inc. hereby declares that it has not made any confidentiality violations while checking the validity of claims made by Selen and her lawyer with its affiliated Livers.

Also, in the event the announcement is removed from X (formerly Twitter), here is a screenshot of the response.

Anycolor terminated its contract with Nijisanji’s Selen Tatsuki on February 5, 2024. After that happened, multiple Vtubers with the company’s English branch took breaks. The company stated it believed the dismissal wouldn’t affect its bottom line. Since then, HYTE terminated its projects with the company. Also, the Good Smile Company WonHobby 38 English and Chinese websites didn’t show any Nijisanji Vtuber figures, even though ones for the livers did show up on the Japanese website. 

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