Arc of Alchemist Introduces Its Three Main Characters Quinn, Sharon, And Sandra

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Compile Heart’s next RPG takes place in a vast desert on a planet that is drying up. The main characters Quinn, Sharon, and Sandra will explore the desert in hopes of finding the great power that might save mankind. Here’s the latest from Arc of Alchemist’s official website.


Quinn Bravesford (CV: Reina Ueda)


A young and excellent commander and entrusted captain of the investigation group. She has a cool and calm personality, but is also warm and caring towards her subordinates.


She’s disgusted with the history of mankind that reduced the world to a vast desert, and has been losing sight of what it means to live.


Saving the world, not letting her comrades die, and completing her mission. Those are the words that help her everyday.


Sharon Valver (CV: Miyu Tomita)


A technology researcher with the best knowledge of the investigation group members. She fights using a mysterious power that is said to be a result of her research.


She speaks in a soft and composted tone. She isn’t one to speak much, but has her playful moments.


Sharon has worked on all kinds of research at for the military research institute, and has the ability to restore data files left behind by machines.


Sandra Wavnwright (CV: Moe Toyota)


Sandra has the role of a tank who protects allies by taking attacks from enemies, and she’s able to use a giant shield with ease.


In addition to her small appearance, she likes to act tough but dislikes carrots, and has a lot going on that often gets her treated as a child by others.


On the other hand, she puts a great deal of trust in Quinn, who treats her fairly without prejudice.


Arc of Alchemist releases in Japan on November 29, 2018 for PlayStation 4. You can check out a bunch of details on its setting, battle system, and staff here. You can also look at its first screenshots here and a teaser trailer here.

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