Arc of Alchemist Shows How You’ll Get Help From The Elements While Exploring

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Compile Heart shared the latest trailer for Arc of Alchemist that focuses on the exploring part of the game. The video highlights the Luna Gear device that uses elemental attributes on the field.


By using the ancient device known as the Luna Gear, combined with Orbs that come in elemental attributes of fire, water, wind, and earth, you can perform various actions while out in the field.


For example, fire can melt ice (Note: not exactly sure what ice is doing in the middle of a dessert, but hey), to light up lamps, or get rid of plants that are in the way. Earth can be used to create platforms to stand on and reach areas you normally can’t on your own.


Arc of Alchemist releases in Japan on November 29, 2018 for PlayStation 4. You can check out a bunch of details on its setting, battle system, and staff here. You can also look at its first screenshots here, a teaser trailer here, and info on its three main characters here.

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