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Arc System Works’ Supernatural RPG Has An Unconventional Battle System


In our previous post, we talked about the adventure half of upcoming horror dungeon crawler Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters. After conversations are done, it’s time for action. Battles have to be planned carefully in advance in Tokyo Twilight as the ghosts are quite smartly invisible to the naked eye.



Pre-battle, players can lay out traps and sensors on a map that will help them both figure out enemy movement and deal some damage should the foes stumble into their traps. These cost money though, and the predictions of where the ghosts will be exactly may be wrong. In a twist, the game swaps between players planning their move for the turn on a battle map and a “camera feed” from each character’s head as they move around.


Tokyo Twilight has some snazzy effects to make the transition from map to in-game battle movement, and ghosts only show up if you land a successful hit on them. There also appears to be a turn limit(!) before the ghosts escape, perhaps.


While the video shows only two characters moving and fighting in the map, the right hand side of the display also shows three more characters – a possibility that reinforcements could be summoned if things go hairy perhaps?


Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is slated for a 2014 release on Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Vita.