Arc System Works Want To Revive Kunio-Kun, Double Dragon, And Other Games In The West



Arc System Works are known for their fighters like the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear series, but they all develop various smaller titles on the side. Since acquiring the property rights to Double Dragon, Kunio-kun and other franchises, president Minoru Kidooka spoke about his wish to revive more of Technos’ series.


Since June 1st, 2015, Arc System Works acquired all property rights of titles previously owned by Technos Japan, and later by Million Co. While it remained unknown as to what Arc System Works planned to do with these properties at the time, Kidooka mentions in the interview that he’d like to add them to their lineup and continue raising them as important brands.


Famitsu asks the Arc System Works president about his thoughts upon learning about the acquisition.


“I thought it was great,” says Kidooka. “We’ve worked on various titles from Technos Japan up until now, and I see them as titles that will surely please the players. Again, I believe there are many that can be developed for smartphone, and they’re also very popular in the West.”


Next, they ask about what kind of development they have in plans next.


“First, we’ll do what we’ve been doing, and continue developing titles for Nintendo 3DS and other console games,” responds Kidooka.


“Additionally, Technos Japan has titles that have roots to arcade game, and personally, I’d love to see them get revived on arcades, once again,” he continues. “In addition to bringing back titles such as Kunio-kun and Double Dragon to arcades, we’d also like to expand in countries we haven’t been able to in the past with foreign developments, not limited to only North America, but China and other countries as well.”

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