Arknights Maria Nearl

Arknights Maria Nearl Event Adds Operators and Costumes

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Mobile tower defense game Arknights is preparing to launch its character-focused side story event “Maria Nearl” and has dropped new details about the limited-time content and offerings available. Developer Hypergryph and publisher Yostar also promoted the addition with a new anime special from Yostar Pictures, the publisher’s in-house animation studio.

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Check out the anime trailer for the Arknights Maria Nearl event:

The event takes place in the Kingdom of Kazimierz, a nation in the world of Arknights that is also the home country of some of the game’s existing characters, like Operators, Fang, Grani, and Gravel. The Operator Nearl also comes from Kazimierz and was once one of its Knights. Nearl, whose full name is Margaret Nearl, is the elder sister of the “Maria Nearl” the event is named after. Maria Nearl is the full name of Blemishine, the new playable Operator who narrates the story and is added to Arknights‘ premium headhunting gacha for the duration. Blemishine (voiced by Kana Hanazawa) is a 6-Star Defender-class Operator and functions by blocking enemies from moving down the path. Blemishine can also heal nearby allies, as well as put enemies to sleep, keeping them from moving past her.

The Maria Nearl storyline covers the Kazimierz Major, a sporting event featuring the Knights competing with each other and outsiders in combat sports like jousting. Players can clear story stages and view cutscenes. A set of event mission objectives can also be completed, awarding exclusive items like dorm furniture, and even the Nearl sisters’ aunt Whislash. She’s a 5-Star Guard-class Operator who can buff any melee allies capable of blocking 3 or more enemies (meaning many Defender-types like her nieces).

Arknights players will also be able to farm special currency from the Maria Nearl event stages, redeeming them for materials and other goodies. Beyond the event itself, Arknights is also adding premium cosmetic skins for the Operators Phantom, Mayer, and Glaucus, through the outfit store. Interior decor obsessives can also spend their Furniture Parts on a replica of the Nearl family’s living room, to make Rhodes Island a little cozier.

Arknights is available on iOS and Android. The Maria Nearl event goes live on April 8, 2021, and runs until April 29, 2021.

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