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Armed Fantasia, Penny Blood January 2023 Dev Diary Shared on Kickstarter

penny blood armed fantasia kickstarter

Studio Wildrose and Wild Bunch Production updated the Penny Blood and Armed Fantasia Kickstarter page with details about the development process. You can read the entire development diary post from Kickstarter. While Armed Fantasia appears to be chugging along, it is difficult to tell how far Penny Blood is in its development life.

In January 2023, Wild Bunch Production started showing off the first playable build of Armed Fantasia to publishers. It also fixed the battle screen so that there is a “more active and dynamic system” instead of both enemies and allies standing in rows. There will also be more camera movement in battle. It also added a new dungeon, a new town, a white box field for the prologue, and new side characters.

Here are some hi-res pictures of some Anamolies in Armed Fantasia:

As for Penny Blood, Matsuzo Machida got influenza. He thought it was COVID-19, but it wasn’t. He also gave a brief history lesson about influenza (or Spanish flu). Composer Yoshitaka Hirota studied 1920s music genres. As part of that, he learned the Charleston. While the development diary for Penny Blood does not give much actual information on the project, the Twitter account for the game updated the day prior with a video of Matthew.

Penny Blood and Armed Fantasia are both in development for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC. Penny Blood will come out in Spring 2025. More information on updates will appear on the Penny Blood and Armed Fantasia Kickstarter page. Backers should also receive e-mails for every update.

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