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Short Penny Blood Video Features Matthew

penny blood matthew

The Twitter account for Penny Blood has uploaded a short video introducing the game’s atmosphere and main protagonist Matthew. Stills of the trailer originally appeared during the Kickstarter campaign for Penny Blood. The trailer does not have any voices and it is possible that the final game will feature no voice acting. This is because Penny Blood did not reach that milestone on Kickstarter.

You can view the Penny Blood video here:

It is fairly short, at just a little over half a minute. The Penny Blood video is set in 1920s New York, and protagonist Matthew walks up to an asylum that will serve as the first level for the game. He steps on a strange flesh-like mass on the way.

Though Penny Blood is from the creators of Shadow Hearts, the two games will only have a tangential relation. Penny Blood will take place in the 1920s because no Shadow Hearts game happened during that era. As well, Malice, which was a major concept in Shadow Hearts, will play a part in Penny Blood. The writing in Penny Blood will also share the same combination of gothic horror and comedy that Shadow Hearts had.

Penny Blood is in development and will come out on the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC in Spring 2025. It may come out on the Nintendo Switch as well.

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