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ARMS’ New Trailers Introduce Us To Five Characters And Their Weapons



Nintendo shared a couple new trailers for ARMS recently, one that features five characters as well as another one that shows off their weapons.


Springman is balanced in power and speed. He’s able to bring out a shock wave that blocks enemy attacks, which can be followed up with a hit to counter. When his health drops to 1/4, he remains in charge mode, which allows him to dish out more damage for every hit.


Ribbon Girl is the idol of the ring who can float around with multiple jumps to dodge attacks. She truly floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee with attacks from above.


Ninjara is a ninja-style fighter who can perform mid-air dashes while teleporting. His style revolves around using multiple warps to juke around enemies and hit them with timely attacks.


Master Mummy is a power-type mummy character. He doesn’t stagger much when taking hits from enemies during his attacks, jumps, and dashes. He occupies a lot of space, making him the tankiest of characters we’ve seen so far. He also heals up health while guarding.


Mechanica is a heavyweight rocket girl character. By holding down the jump command, she can hover for a period of time and can overwhelm enemies from above. Similar to Master Mummy, she, too, doesn’t stagger when taking hits during attacks, jumps, and dashes.


The next video mostly demonstrates weapons in action with their various characteristics.


ARMS releases in Spring 2017 for Nintendo Switch.

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