ARMS’ Twintelle Is All About Control

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In ARMS, every character starts off in a certain position. While each character can eventually gain access to every kind of ARMS, provided you play enough and do well enough in the minigame that unlocks extra equipment, everyone fills a sort of role and plays a specific way at the outset. This usually compliments their innate ability. When it comes to Twintelle, my favorite fighter, she is initially set up to control the flow of battle.


Every character in ARMS can charge up their attacks to unleash an additional ability. When Twintelle is charging, either from holding down the block buttons or jumping, an aura forms around her. While this is very pretty visually, it is more about altering the flow of a fight. When her actress aura is up, any attacks coming toward her are slowed down.




This offers many benefits to a Twintelle player. The first is that it allows you an opportunity to either block or dodge the attack. For people who usually have trouble with reaction times in games, it is a huge help. It is also great for preparing a counter attack. Since you can see the direction the enemy’s attack is coming from and have time to respond, you can prepare a response and take advantage of the delay. Now, it does take some time to grow accustomed to the aura, but it is a big help.


Twintelle’s initial ARMS loadout also helps her further direct the flow of a fight. She starts with the Chilla, Parasol, and Thunderbird ARMS. All three of these are rather quick weapons. While these may seem like a standard small and quick fist, small and quick extended-range attack, and shield, each one’s special abilities further emphasize her control over a situation when charged. Chilla is an ice-type weapon. When a charged hit lands on an opponent, it temporarily slows their movements. Parasol, the blocking umbrella, is a wind-type weapon that creates a small tornado that blows the opponent back when charged. Finally, the range-extending Thunderbird is an electric-type, which will briefly stun and incapacitate an opponent after its charged attack hits.




While any combination of these three ARMS works well when a Twintelle player is starting out, I recommend always keeping the Parasol on hand and switching between the Chilla and Thunderbird depending on personal preferences. The Parasol is good for dealing with opponents attacks and creating some distance between opponents. You want people who are as fast as Twintelle off guard and those who are slower, heavier hitters far away. Then, use the Chilla or Thunderbird to set up grabs or Rush attacks. I usually went with the Parasol and Thunderbird, because I liked the extra range the latter offered. Then, when I unlocked a Guardian Shield for Twintelle, I switched to a Chilla and Guardian default set, as I liked the homing-capabilities of the shield.


When playing as Twintelle, you always want to be in charge of the situation. While learning to properly time and use her aura ability will require a bit of practice, her initial Chilla, Parasol, and Thunderbird ARMS will all help you set the match’s pace. As long as you keep moving and know when to use charged attacks, you’ll be able to make sure your foe is where you want him or her to be.


ARMS will be available on the Nintendo Switch on June 16, 2017.

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