We previously got a look at Land of No Night’s Hotel Ende, where Arnath and her demon subordinates, or Servans, will go to rest when they’re not out taking on the Jayou monsters. Now, here’s a look at Arnath’s latest form.


In Land of No Night, Arnath uses her blood for transformations. Depending on the type of transformation, she’ll have various effects that help her or the Servans in battle.


051 052

The above is a look at the mage-like “Phantom Form.” When Arnath is in her Phantom Form, she attacks from a distance, and specializes in recovering SP and HP for her and the Servans. It’s a transformation that excels in support.



While in Phantom Form, Arnath will also get an ability that lets Servans automatically regenerate SP, making it possible to continuously pull off special attacks.



The Phantom Form has more of a sharp shooter-style of fighting, where Arnath keeps her distance from the enemy while landing powerful magic attacks.


035 036

In addition to automatically recovering the Servans’ SP for continuous special attacks, she’ll also have access to area-of-effect heals, so she can keep providing her subordinates with plenty of HP as well.


Finally, here’s a look at some more of the Servans in Land of No Night:




037 038

A magic-type Servan with fire attributes. It shows its powers whenever it finds the enemy’s weakness.


Mine Bomber:


039 040

A tracking-type Servan that rolls and spins around Arnath, and once its HP goes to zero the Mine Bomber self destructs.




041 042

A support-type Servan that can create a field used to increase the status of all allies.


Land of No Night is slated for release in Japan on August 27, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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