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ASCII Dungeon Crawlers Given A Bloody Makeover With [email protected]


Action RPG [email protected], which had been previously only been announced for PS4, is bringing its ASCII-dungeon crawler aesthetic to PC, starting with a Steam Greenlight campaign.

[email protected] allows players to choose to be a warrior, amazon, ranger, or mage, then puts them in a procedurally-generated, 3D ASCII art dungeon. Armed only with a shield, a torch, and their fists, they must craft new gear and fight their way up 26 floors to the dragon at the top.

Monsters draw from behaviors and attacks that may be familiar to players, but have been placed in groups to help compensate for weaknesses. An enemy that charges will be placed with archers and other enemies that will not allow the player to easily dodge them.

The five types of weapons (hammer, short sword, long sword, spear, and bow),  are crafted using found blueprints and ASCII letters, and will provide unique abilities to that weapon. Weapons can also be enhanced by enchanted ASCII letters, granting elemental abilities and other useful powers.

[email protected] can be played in two player local co-op. It will also feature a dungeon editor for players looking to create their own challenging caverns.

Alistair Wong
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