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Astral Chain Art Shared on Its First Anniversary

astral chain art 1a

Back on August 30, 2019, Astral Chain debuted on the Nintendo Switch. Now, a year later, PlatinumGames celebrated the occasion as many companies do. It released and shared an array of Astral Chain art and desserts via its social media accounts, giving people a chance to honor the action-RPG alongside the people who made it.

First, there’s the cake. The whole virtual celebration kicked off with a look at how the developers were honoring the game in-house. There was a Lappy cake with a “1st Anniversary Astral Chain message and two candies designed to look like the Howard twins, the protagonist and Akira.

Then, there’s the official office whiteboard. Lappy, the Howard Twins, a Legion, and other characters all appear there.

Finally, Platinum Gama Designer Takahisa Taura shared images drawn by staff. The first is from Yuki Suda, the game’s concept artist, and has the Howard twins, Marie Wentz, Hal, Brenda Moreno, Alicia Lopez, Olive Esponosa, and Jin Wong. The second was drawn by Akiteru Naka, the scenario writer, and features the Howard twins with characters like Lappy, Kyle Merkulov, and the Sword and Arrow Legions.

As usual, in case any of the tweets are removed, here’s a gallery featuring all the shared Astral Chain art.

Astral Chain is available for the Nintendo Switch worldwide.

Jenni Lada
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