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Atelier Lydie And Suelle Details Fuuko, Neige, And Captain Buccan


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Atelier Lydie and Suelle is all about going into worlds inside different paintings, and more has been revealed about the sort of people the plucky twins will meet within these imaginary worlds. [Thanks, 4gamer]


Fuuko (CV: Konomi Kohara):

atelier lydie inhabitants

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Fuuko is a girl who lives inside the world of a painting named ‘The Great Angel Falls’, which features a lava fall. She has a tiny pair of wings on her back. She is bright and cheerful and eternally curious, but lacks common knowledge of the world as she lives in the painting.


The girls meet as Fuuko is trying to run away from the Great Angel Falls, and the twins agree to help her. It seems that this world’s inhabitants are facing some sort of danger.


Neige Chintreuil (CV: Chisa Yuuki):

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atelier lydie inhabitants 4

Neige is the first alchemist who learned how to draw ‘Mysterious Paintings’, which could be entered into. She carries a calm, adult-like demeanor. She is disillusioned by adult society and wishes to stay as a child forever.


She appears in a frozen palace, and due to a certain reason her heart’s been frozen as well. Neige is a historical figure, yet for some mysterious reason Lydie and Suelle meet her within the painting world in the form of a child.


Captain Buccan (CV: Kousuke Gotou):

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The greatest (imaginary) pirate to have ever lived, who appears in the painting world ‘Undersea Treasure Vault’. Despite being dead and rotting, he still firmly guards his treasure. Despite having a very impassioned way of speaking, he is actually quite a cheerful and easy-going.


People call him ‘Burning Buccan’ due to the way he was executed, and he is said to have acquired massive riches in his lifetime. He treats Lydie and Suelle as his underlings, and says that his treasure is a glorious thing that cannot be measured in gold.


Several more screenshots and details were released in this latest update:


atelier lydie inhabitants 7 atelier lydie inhabitants 8

atelier lydie inhabitants 9 atelier lydie inhabitants 10

atelier lydie inhabitants 11 atelier lydie inhabitants 12

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Lydie and Suelle can place catalyst items into bonus panels in order to activate various bonus effects. Meanwhile, activator items can change the color of the panels in order to increase the effects.


atelier lydie inhabitants 14 atelier lydie inhabitants 15

atelier lydie inhabitants 16

The final new screenshots show off the gameplay flow of accepting requests, and fulfilling them in order to increase how well-known the atelier is.


Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists of the Mysterious Paintings releases on December 21 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch in Japan. The game releases in North America and Europe,in early 2018 alongside a PC release.

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