Athlete Chun-Li and Summer Yang Come to Street Fighter Duel

Street Fighter Duel Athlete Chun-Li Summer Yang
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Street Fighter: Duel’s latest update added Athlete Chun-Li and Summer Yang alts to the game. Athlete Chun-Li is a Master, Support, Tech, Raging character. Meanwhile, Summer Yang is a Flame, Support, Agility Budo fighter. Both are available in the gacha now.

Their debut in the game also means we know their movesets. Here are the names of Athlete Chun-Li’s abilities in Street Fighter: Duel.

  • Combo 1: Wind Storm (Shield)
  • Combo 2: Whirlwind Rip (AoE)
  • Passive: Vortex Realm
  • Super: Sublime Blade (AoE)

Meanwhile, here are the names for all of Summer Yang’s skills in Street Fighter: Duel:

  • Combo 1: Wave Strike (Shield)
  • Combo 2: Mantis Slash (Single)
  • Passive: Wave Protection
  • Super: Fiery Palm Attack (Single)

Here’s a better look at both of their appearances.

There are also some incidentals tied to Athlete Chun-Li and Summer Yang’s appearances in Street Fighter Duel. If you head to Growth Gift Pack, you’ll see options for both. They are also showing up in the Fight Mall to buy for real cash outside of the Divination.

Both Chun-Li and Yang already appeared in the game ahead of these new alts. The normal versions of both characters are Agility, Assassin, Wind fighters.

Street Fighter: Duel is available on mobile devices. Another character who recently joined the game is Devil May Cry’s Dante.

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