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Atlus’ Maken Shao Reaches PlayStation Network In Europe This Month


Back in 1999, Atlus released a game for the Dreamcast called Maken X. It was a first-person game where you play as a demonic sword. Maken X was later remade for the PlayStation 2 under the title Maken Shao.


This game is being released as a PS2 Classic in Europe on February 27th by a company named Midas Interactive Entertainment, U.K. publisher, Ghostlight, announced today. The game will cost just £3.99/€4.99.


There’s a catch, though. Ghostlight write: “Unfortunately, whilst the emulation runs the game really well, it’s not perfect as the game does experience some texture warping.  We’re hopeful that there will be an update to the emulator in the future, but despite this, the game is a must for all you Atlus fans out there and at just £3.99/€4.99, it’s a bargain.”


Ghostlight also report that their planned releases for Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga and Digital Devil Saga 2 haven’t seen any progress, due to the lack of a PS2 emulator that is capable of running them on the PlayStation 3.


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