Atlus Online Survey Gauges Interest in Consoles, Genres, and Franchises

atlus survey 2021

Atlus opened up a survey on the Japanese website, asking members of its fanbase for their opinions on titles and genres. The survey takes 45 minutes and is available from March 5-8, 2021. As an aside, on March 7, 2021, the website will be down from 2-7am JST for maintenance.

The survey is only in Japanese, but Atlus fans do not need to be from Japan to participate. The answers on the survey are to check interest in genres and intellectual properties, as well as help them to create more unique and engaging titles in the future.

The first 23 questions are focused on your gaming habits, such as asking about which devices you have and how many hours you play on weekdays or weekends. From question number 24, the questions start to become more specific. The survey asks about which games (based on both Atlus and non-Atlus properties) you have heard of, and which of those you’ve actually played and purchased. Obviously, it takes longer the more games you select.

After question 48, the survey is more targeted towards Atlus franchises, such as Persona. It asks for your opinion on the games, as well as checks interest about seeing different genres on multiple platforms. For example, you could express interest in a Persona board game playable on the Nintendo Switch. For users who prefer to play games via Steam, this is an opportunity to let them know. Sega Chief Executive Haruki Satomi commented in the past about wanting to release more Atlus properties onto Steam.

The survey, which is only in Japanese, is available on the official Atlus website until March 8, 2021.

Stephanie Liu
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