Atlus US Games Survey Takes 45 Minutes

Atlus US Games Survey Takes 45 Minutes

Atlus just opened up a new survey about its games. However, this time it is only asking for feedback from people in the United States. Those who participate will then be taken through a questionnaire that can take 45 minutes. However, once you supply an email and start, you can return to pick up where you left off if you close the browser tab, then come back to it.

The Atlus survey starts out in the typical way. It asks people if they are in the United States, requests an email address, asks about their gender identity, and asks for an age. After basic demographic information is collected, it gets into gaming questions. It asks about systems owned, services subscribed to, how often someone plays on consoles, and TVs used. It also asks what makes people download games or why they play them and preferred genres.

Once you pass the 35% point, the survey starts asking about Atlus and Sega games. Among the titles mentioned are Persona entries, SMT games, Project Re Fantasy, and Etrian Odyssey. It also asks about games from companies like Sony, Square Enix, Nintendo, and Bandai Namco. It’s after this point that it will start asking about things like ports of the company’s titles for other platforms and more specific feedback about its games and series.

These kinds of surveys are a regular thing for the company. There was one in early 2021 going over the same sorts of topics. Another asked about merchandise based on its series.

The Atlus games survey is available for people in the United States to take until May 15, 2022.

Jenni Lada
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