Atlus Want You To Name Their PSP High School Brawler



Atlus is publishing Kenka Bancho 3, developed by Spike for the PSP in North America. The game is a street brawler that has you playing as a high school gang leader on a school trip. An Atlus survey explains:


“Bancho” is a Japanese term for someone who’s in charge because he’s the meanest, toughest, strongest dude around.


“Kenka” means “fighting,” making the entire title the equivalent of “Awesome Master of Badass Beating-Up-People Guys.” (You can see why we need your help here.) So, in short, the game is all about you proving yourself as the baddest hombre in town, accomplished by putting your fist as ungently as possible into the faces and guts of your opponents.


In other words, beat the crap out of as many people as you can. Kenka Bancho 3 allows you to customize your character by picking from a variety of faces, hairstyles and clothes. The game also features a 2-player co-op mode and dating events with girls. Atlus need your help picking a finalist from list of tentative titles. Personally, I like “Badass Rumble” and “Fist of the Bancho.” Whatever the final name is we’ll see Kenka Bancho 3 in stores early next year.


And no, I have no idea what the hell is going on in that screen either. It seems like the protagonist is…intimidating someone with his powerful gaze? But in the screenshots below, he clearly seems to be administering some sort of hell chop and chidori…


image image


< Spencer’s Note: Wow! I’m shocked Atlus picked up Kenka Bancho 3. We covered it before and Atlus published some of Spike’s other works like Samurai Western, but it’s one of the last games I thought would get localized. Very bold move, Atlus. Go Fist of the Bancho!>

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