Attack on Titan’s Upcoming VR Attraction Is An Escape From Female Titan For Four



Sony Music Communications and Taito are working together for a VR attraction, VR Attack on Titan: The Human Race, that will have up to four players take on the roles of Squad Levi against the Female Titan.





VR Attack on Titan: The Human Race is a VR attraction that has four players take on the role of Squad Levi’s members. It is based on the “Female Titan Capture Operation” part of the original work, where you’ll have the likes of Levi, Eren, and others on horseback, making an escape while dodging obstacles.



The mission is cleared when a certain number of players reach the goal. However, you’ll not only have to dodge obstacles but also the Female Titan, who kills your character if you get captured.



VR Attack on Titan: The Human Race will get a location test in Tokyo from October 19 to October 26 at 10:00am to 8:00pm JST at the Ginza Sony Park. Those who attend will get special original stickers for participating in the location test survey.

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