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Attack on Titan 2 Producer On Making A Satisfying Omni-Directional Gear Experience



Siliconera spoke with Attack on Titan 2 producer Hisashi Koinuma about their focus on the Omni-Directional Gear experience for the sequel. We also got to ask a little something for Fatal Frame fans.


Siliconera: What did you want to improve on with Attack on Titan 2?

Hisashi Koinuma, Producer: We focused on making this Attack on Titan game for fans of the anime series and manga. One of the points we focused on was for them to enjoy moving using the omni-directional gear. As long as Attack on Titan fans play and enjoy the game, we will be satisfied with our work.


That’s interesting. Attack on Titan and its sequel has a good sense of speed when you’re flying through maps. How did you design the game so players feel like they are using an omni-directional gear?

Koinuma: We had reference videos and I proposed to the team we should go above those. We have been working on movement since the original Attack on Titan and there is a difference between movement in season one and season two of the anime series. For fans of the Attack on Titan anime, we want the game to surpass what they see in animation and we really focused on creating a game that goes beyond that experience.


Whether they enjoy flying in the world in 3D is key especially because of the Attack on Titan series. We wanted to make sure they can freely move around with precise and comfortable controls while destroying titans in a cool way. These are the key points we wanted to emphasize when making an Attack on Titan action game.


Who is your favorite character to play as in Attack on Titan 2?

Koinuma: I liked Hange from the previous game, but this time Keith [Shadis] is available as playable character. He’s great and you can play him as a commander. I hope you enjoy playing as him and destroy titans as Keith.


Attack on Titan 2 and it has a new annihilation mode where you play online in teams of four scouts where you race to set up bases and battle titans. What inspired this mode?

Koinuma: The first game had online play and it was very well received. This time we introduced annihilation mode, and in the US and European countries we received feedback that they wanted an online battle mode as well. One of the features in the Switch version is you can also play annihilation mode using ad-hoc connectivity. The Switch version supports both online and ad-hoc play.


One series we haven’t heard about for a while that has a passionate fan base is Fatal Frame. Are there plans to continue this series?

Koinuma: This series is currently being serialized in a manga [in Japan]. We don’t have new information about the series at the moment, but as Koei Tecmo we believe this is one of our valuable IPs. When the time is right we will make an announcement, please be patient for it.


Attack on Titan 2 is available in Japan on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game will release in North America and Europe on March 20 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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