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Auto-Battle With Let’s Go in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

pokemon scarlet violet let's go auto-battle

Nintendo revealed that in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, trainers will be able to use the ‘Let’s Go’ feature to engage in auto-battle. When you use ‘Let’s Go,’ you send your buddy Pokemon off in a direction you point at. Not only will your Pokemon collect items on the way, but they will also attack Pokemon they encounter in the wild.

Because you send out your buddy, you will only be able to have one auto-battle at the time. Exploring an area while five of your Pokemon are off on a rampage will not be possible. It is unclear if your Pokemon will deplete their PP when they auto-battle, and what happens when they faint. They’ll still earn EXP, as well as obtain items if they defeat their opponent in auto-battle. However, Nintendo has not said if this EXP will be shared or not.

Aside from news about the ‘Let’s Go’ function and auto-battle, Nintendo released a story trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as well. In this game, players will be able to play through three different stories. The story of Victory Road is the same gym challenge formula from previous games, whereas on the Path of Legends, you help Arven look for rare ingredients. Finally, on Starfall Street, you fight against Team Star, which is a group of delinquents.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will come out on the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.

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