Azur Lane Gaming Gear Focuses on Baltimore and Bremerton

Azur Lane Baltimore Bremerton Fumo Collection

Fans of Azur Lane‘s versions of two famed U.S. Navy warships can use a new line of gaming gear to show their devotion. Produced by Fumo Collection, the lineup consists of keyboards and PC desk accessories based on 

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Azur Lane characters Baltimore and Bremerton. Pre-orders for the items opened on Fumo’s online shop, which supports international shipping.

The Azur Lane Baltimore and Bremerton Fumo Collection involves two illustrations of the characters. They were created by their respective character designers, Feng Ze and Katsudansou. The designs feature Baltimore and Bremerton dressed in casual wear while sitting at PCs. The characters’ personalities are also contrasted in the desk setups they prefer. Baltimore’s PC desk is compact and optimized for work and multitasking, while Bremerton has a dedicated gaming “battle station,” complete with an ultra-wide curved monitor and second monitor to watch videos on.

The Fumo Collection Azur Lane Baltimore and Bremerton items themselves take the form of two customized tenkey-less (TKL) mechanical keyboards. Each is set up with customized colors based on the character. Baltimore’s is black and blue with splashes of yellow and red, while Bremerton’s is pink and cyan, with splashes of red. The boards include several custom keycaps decorated with art of the characters dressed in their most popular cosmetic skins: Baltimore’s race queen outfit and Bremerton’s tennis outfit. The keyboards are also backlit to match the color profiles of the characters, and customers can select their preferred Varmilo-brand key switches at checkout. Each keyboard costs 28,980 Yen (about $217 USD), and is expected to ship in June 2023.

Besides the keyboards, the Azure Lane Baltimore and Bremerton lines include large-format mouse mats for each of them. Acrylic standees and blankets round out the line. Finally, pre-order customers for the keyboards will also receive illustrations of both characters along with their purchases.

The Azur Lane Baltimore and Bremerton keyboards and gaming gear line by Fumo is open for pre-orders. The game is available on iOS and Android devices. An Atelier Ryza crossover event recently appeared in the game.

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