Azur Lane Idolmaster collaboration - Iori Minase and HMS Vampire voiced by Rie "Kugyu" Kugimiya

Azur Lane Idolmaster Collaboration Will Bring In One Half of 765 Pro

Yostar announced full details for the upcoming collaboration between Azur Lane and Bandai Namco’s The Idolmaster. The special live stream revealed that the event will add characters from the original 765 Production with shipgirl equipment.

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The upcoming Idolmaster collaboration will add the following seven idols to Azur Lane:

  1. Haruka Amami – Light Cruiser rigging – Super Rare – Gacha pickup
  2. Chihaya Kisaragi – Aircraft Carrier rigging – Super Rare – Gacha pickup
  3. Azusa Miura – Heavy Cruiser rigging – Super Rare – Gacha and point exchange shop
  4. Iori Minase – Battleship rigging – Super Rare – Gacha pickup
  5. Ritsuko Akizuki – Transport rigging – Elite rarity – Total event point rewards
  6. Ami Futami – Submarine rigging – Elite rarity – Gacha pickup
  7. Mami Futami – Submarine rigging – Elite rarity – Gacha pickup

Yostar also confirmed that Manjuu and Yongshi will stay true to how Bandai Namco depicted relationships between idols and the Producer in The Idolmaster. Instead of Oath, the idols’ highest relationship level will be named Unity. Azur Lane Commanders can exchange Pledge Rings with special Tiara items that are exclusively given to the idols to add the same stat bonuses to Oathed shipgirls.

In addition to the above, the collaboration will also include The Idolmaster-themed equipment skins and dorm furniture set, allowing Azur Lane Commanders to recreate the 765 Production office.

At the end of the stream, Yostar’s Dai Miwaki — also known to be a long-time Idolmaster fan and Miki Hoshii’s Producer — acknowledged that this event will only bring in half of the 765 Production roster. He teased that the companies will consider holding a second event to add the remaining idols if they received many requests.

The Android and iOS mobile game Azur Lane The Idolmaster collaboration event will run from July 22, 2021, to August 5, 2021.

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