Azur Lane Libeccio Will Accompany Her Sister Maestrale

The upcoming Azur Lane event for the Italy-inspired Sardegna Empire will add the destroyer RN Libeccio into the roster. She will appear as a bright and energetic shipgirl who frankly speaks what’s on her mind and feeling.

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The game’s Japanese Twitter account also implied that Libeccio’s sister and the class’ lead ship Maestrale will also appear in the event. The two shipgirls are described to be close to each other. The cheery Libeccio will also ask others to befriend her sister, who is clumsy at speaking.

Libeccio and Maestrale are historically part of the four Maestrale-class destroyers named after diagonal directions of the Mediterranean winds. The ships were completed in 1934 and fought under the Regia Marina in World War II. Libeccio was sunk by the submarine HMS Upholder while picking up survivors from the Battle of the Duisburg Convoy in November 1941. Maestrale was sent to Genoa for repairs after receiving severe damage in January 1943. However, the crew scuttled her upon hearing about the Italian armistice in September 1943.

RN Libeccio will be one of the shipgirls available through a limited construction pool in the upcoming Azur Lane Sardegna Empire event. Yostar has also previously revealed Nicoloso da Recco and the submarine Torricelli for the same event.

Yostar will reveal more details for this event, including its official title and the full roster, at a live stream set to broadcast on April 19, 2021. The event will start at the same time the second phase of “Call to Arms: Sardegna Empire” begins on April 22, 2021.

Azur Lane is available on Android and iOS mobile devices worldwide.

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