Azur Lane Spring 2022 Event Will Star World War I-Era Cruiser Emden

Azur Lane Spring 2022 event starring SMS Emden

The Japanese Azur Lane Spring 2022 live stream revealed a new event that will run from late April to early May 2022. It will add World War I-era ships into the Germany-inspired Ironblood faction. All shipgirls in this event will have the SMS prefix instead of the World War II-era KMS. The star of the new Azur Lane event will be SMS Emden.

The Azur Lane depiction of Emden will actually comprise of two shipgirls based on two different German ships with the same name in history. The Dresden-class cruiser completed in the late 1900s will become the model for the character with white attires. The 1916 Königsberg-class ship present at Scapa Flow will serve as the inspiration for the black costumed character.

A separate mini-event adding a little version of KMS Prinz Eugen will run at the same time. She will join the roster of characters who have received child versions, which include HMS Illustrious and USS Enterprise.

Here’s the list of new shipgirls that will appear in the Azur Lane Spring 2022 event:

  1. SMS Emden – Super Rare Light Cruiser – Construction-exclusive
  2. SMS Lützow – Super Rare Battlecruiser – Construction-exclusive
  3. SMS Seydlitz – Super Rare Battlecruiser – Construction and point shop
  4. SMS Elbing – Elite Light Cruiser – Construction-exclusive
  5. SMS Yorck – Elite Heavy Cruiser – Construction-exclusive
  6. SMS Thüringen – Elite Battleship – Total point rewards
  7. Little Prinz Eugen – Elite Heavy Cruiser – Separate mini-event

Yostar and Manjuu have been adding many new shipgirls to the Ironblood faction. Its previous event, “Tower of Transcendence,” ran during the 2022 new year holiday season. It added fictional presentations of the Kriegsmarine’s Plan Z ships, such as the H39 battleship Ulrich von Hutten and the P-class cruiser Prinz Adalbert.

Azur Lane is available worldwide on Android and iOS mobile devices. The new event adding World War I-era shipgirls will run from April 28 to May 12, 2022.

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