Azur Lane 2022 New Year Event Will Star Ulrich von Hutten

Azur Lane 2022 New Year event starring Ulrich von Hutten

Yostar has revealed a new Azur Lane major event that will run through the 2022 New Year in the December 2021 live stream. The event will feature the Germany-inspired Iron Blood faction. It will add the H-class battleship Ulrich von Hutten as a new Ultra Rare shipgirl in Azur Lane.

This event will primarily add characters based on the Kriegsmarine’s planned warships that were never completely built. Historically, Ulrich von Hutten could have been a possible name for H-class battleships. However, Magdeburg and Prinz Adalbert are based on the unnamed M-class light cruisers and P-class heavy cruisers, respectively. The Azur Lane development team had given them original names in a similar fashion to Adalbert’s sister ship Prinz Heinrich.

The submarine U-1206 is the only ship in this group that launched and saw action in World War II. While the Jade-class carrier Elbe did receive an official name, her construction was never finished, and she ended up getting converted to a barracks ship instead.

Here is the list of new shipgirls that will join the ever-growing Azur Lane roster alongside Ulrich:

  1. KMS Ulrich von Hutten (Ultra Rare Battleship) – Construction with pity system
  2. KMS Prinz Adalbert (Super Rare Heavy Cruiser) – Construction exclusive
  3. KMS Magdeburg (Super Rare Light Cruiser) – Construction and point exchange shop
  4. KMS Elbe (Elite Light Carrier) –  Construction exclusive
  5. KMS U-1206 (Elite Submarine) – Total point rewards

Yostar has also published an anime teaser trailer for the upcoming Azur Lane event:

Azur Lane is immediately available worldwide on Android and iOS mobile devices. The new event starring KMS Ulrich von Hutten will run from December 29, 2021, to January 13, 2022. In the same stream, Yostar also announced that it will add four new Ultra Rare shipgirls throughout 2022.

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