Azur Lane USS Princeton Event Coming to Japan on October 12, 2020

Azur Lane USS Princeton

Azur Lane will have a new mini-event that adds USS Princeton into the roster. This event will be available in the Japanese and Chinese versions of the game from October 12 to 22, 2020. As of this writing, it’s yet to be confirmed whether the event is also coming to the global English version at the same time or not.

Details of the new event were revealed as Yostar posted a maintenance notice scheduled to take place in the Japanese client on October 12, 2020. Clearing the limited event stages will let Commanders obtain SP Badges. When enough badges are collected, the game will gradually give various rewards—including USS Princeton herself. Commanders can collect even more SP Badges if the fleet that fights the stage boss includes either USS Enterprise, Indianapolis, Montpelier, or Cleveland.

Other than SP Badges, USS Princeton can also be obtained from the Special Construction pool. She will be added with a 1.4% pickup rate for the duration of the event. A swimsuit skin for Princeton will also be available to purchase for a limited time.

The USS Princeton that appears in Azur Lane is based on the Independence-class light aircraft carrier CVL-23 that saw action in the Pacific theater of World War II. The personified Princeton in this game adores USS Saratoga as her senior. She always strives to study Saratoga’s performances by observing videos featuring the latter.

In addition to the USS Princeton event, this update will also mark the start of the 7th season of Challenge Mode while adding a new character episode for HMS Repulse in the Japanese version.

Azur Lane is immediately available on iOS and Android devices worldwide. The previous event—Dreamwaker’s Butterfly—added new Sakura Empire shipgirls, including IJN Shinano as the game’s first-ever buildable Ultra Rare character. A collaboration with Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation has also been announced, although it is still yet to be known when the event will actually take place.

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