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Be By Azusa’s Side In The Latest The Idolmaster: Stella Stage Trailer


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Another one of The Idolmaster: Stella Stage’s idols is greeting her fans again. This time, Azusa Miura is taking a moment to show the world how talented she is. In her trailer, she’s performing “Tonari ni…”



Azusa has been with The Idolmaster from the very beginning and is the oldest idol in the group. This means she is very mature, respectful, and gives off a “big sister” vibe. She is rather relaxed and takes her time with things. As a character, Azusa has gone through many changes in The Idolmaster series. Up until The Idolmaster 2, she had long hair just like Chihaya’s. It was in that game that she got a shorter haircut and was made part of the Ryuuguu Komachi unit, which meant you couldn’t really be her producer. Her hair was originally black, then blue, now seems somewhere in-between.


Azusa sings “Tonari ni…” in this trailer. This was originally a The Idolmaster: SP song created just for her. (This means it is also an image and personal song for Azusa.) It has since appeared in multiple other games and been able to be sung by other characters too.


Previous The Idolmaster: Stella Stage videos have looked at Shika, Hibiki, Yayoi, Iori, Ritsuko, Yukiho, Ami, Mami, Haruka, Makoto, Miki, and Chihaya.


The Idolmaster: Stella Stage will debut on the PlayStation 4 on December 21, 2017.

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