Balance Is Key In Even The Ocean’s New Animated Trailer



Aliph, the main character of Even the Ocean, finds herself conflicted over her new powers and influence, seeking to strike a balance in the flow of light and dark energies, in the environment, and in her very identity in the game’s new animated trailer.




The trailer hints at the themes of balance that will feature heavily in the game. It also shows the various usages of light and dark power, with each making changes to the way Aliph jumps and how she interacts with machinery in the environment. She will have to mind how much energy she charges of either type, though, as too much of one or the other is fatal.




Even the Ocean will feature several modes depending on the kind of gameplay experience the player prefers. Modes will be available that will let players experience the game’s story alone, to play it with only the actions sequences with the story removed, or to play the game with both in place.




Players who wish to keep up with Even the Ocean’s development can sign up for its mailing list on the game’s site.

Alistair Wong
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