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Bandai Releasing New Pikmin Flavored Gummies With a Rare White Pikmin

Bandai Pikmin Gummies

Bandai’s Candy division has announced that it is releasing a new line of Pikmin gummies, sized and colored to look like actual Pikmin with their own colors to match. Included in each pack is a rarer white Pikmin with a unique flavor. Bandai will begin selling the gummies in Japan starting September 2021, and each pack will cost ¥108 (about $1). [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Officially titled “Pikmin Taberareru~ Gummies”, these gummies will come in four different variations each featuring two separately flavored parts. The three “regular” gummies include the grape-flavored blue Pikmin, apple-flavored red Pikmin, and lastly the orange-flavored yellow Pikmin. Additionally, the leaf parts are flavored to taste like muscat grapes.

The rarer white Pikmin tastes like lemon, with its pink flower featuring a strawberry flavor. The white Pikmin is said to be particularly sour, fitting its special poison abilities. Each gummy is reportedly the size of a cherry tomato, similar to the actual height of Pikmin in the game.

You can get a better look at the Bandai Pikmin collaboration gummies below:

In other collaboration news, developer Niantic announced back in March that it would develop a new Pikmin AR game similar to Pokemon GO.

Bandai Candy Division will release the Pikmin flavored gummies sometime in September 2021 and will be available at candy retailers across Japan. Each packet will cost ¥108 (about $1).

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