Nippon Ichi Software recently announced an upcoming PlayStation 3 project called Project: Arcadia to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The title has been confirmed as Battle Princess of Arcadia, which will be a side-scrolling action RPG, where you play as a red-headed battle princess from the Schwert Kingdom, by the name of Plume. She’ll be taking on giant bosses in the game.


In their announcement this week, Nippon Ichi introduces Battle Princess of Arcadia’s various settings, story and heroine, along with a look at some of the battle and weapons.


The stage is set in a continent that is full of rampant monsters. There are several large countries within the continent with soldiers to protect their people from these monsters. In addition to the soldiers, each country have their own princesses, who set foot on the battlefield to further protect their people. These sword-wielding beauties are known as the Battle Princesses.


The energetic and innocent Battle Princess of the Schwert Kingdom, Plume, is loved by the citizens, who call her “Pucchan”. She continues to protect her country from the menace of monsters, thanks to her weapon and overwhelming fighting prowess.


Things were going fine for Plume and the Schwert Kingdom; however, a giant monster appeared out of nowhere one day and robbed the lives of Plume’s precious soldiers and other followers. Failure to subjugate the monster lead to the death of her many beloved. This marked the start of an adventure that will greatly change Plume as a person and her surroundings.


The continent of Weltecs is surrounded by oceans. The land is divided into three major parts of west, central and east, known as the lands of Armatura, Velos and Schwert, respectively. The people of each country continue to fight off the monsters to protect themselves from their terror. For an unknown reason, the number of monsters has been increasing recently…



The beloved Plume, who is said to possess the power of a thousand soldiers, takes her sword to face all the monsters without succumbing to the menace. Just mentioning her name always brings a smile to any citizen in the kingdom. Contrary to her kind nature, she actually loves to fight and prides herself on the work she does as a Battle Princess. She’s a happy-go-lucky girl, who also has a silly side to her personality.


The Weltecs continent is divided into five different regional environments, where the Battle Princess will be fighting. There are areas such as forests, volcanoes, snowy mountains and more. It is said that in the far depths of these areas are ancient monuments that have some sort of mysterious ancient weapons within.


The Battle Princess’ role is to subdue monsters that terrorize the people. For this reason, they travel to various areas of the continent to fight the monsters. At the far-end of each area, you’ll be encountering giant enemies such as the ones shown above.



Since Plume will be fighting hundreds or thousands of monsters, Battle Princess of Arcadia will be backing her up with over 900 different weapons. These weapons will have their own attributes and skills, including some that show their true strengths upon using them together with abilities. There will also be a weapon evolution element and rare weapons that can be found during your adventures.


Plume’s weapon of choice is the single-handed sword. She excels at close-ranged combat and can land multiple slashes on her enemies thanks to her speedy movements. In addition, she can also do melee attacks such as aerial kicks and more.


Battle Princess of Arcadia is slated for release on September 26th for PlayStation 3.

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