The Beard In The Mirror Offers The Humor & Puzzles Of Adventure Classics



An unhappy 22 year old, caught up in his dull job, has a run-in with a mysterious woman who free him from his doldrums by taking him to a world of puzzles, danger (a lot of danger), silliness, and magic in adventure game The Beard in the Mirror.




Touted as being “Just like the games you used to play on your dad’s weird friend’s computer.”, The Beard in the Mirror features similar challenges, puzzles, and lighthearted, silly dialogue to classic LucasArts and Sierra games.


Players will have to solve challenging item puzzles (but can tweet to the developer for help) in order to navigate the game’s fantasy world. They’ll also have to chat with the game’s strange denizens, choosing from many different goofy dialogue options in order to keep moving forward. Messing up either of these, or doing many other things the game feels is wrong, will result in an untimely, often ridiculous, demise, though.




Players looking to accrue some points as they solve puzzles in a point & click game can acquire The Beard in the Mirror from Steam or

Alistair Wong
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