Beat and Motion is Shonen Jump’s Newest Title

Beat and Motion is Shonen Jump's Newest Title

Shonen Jump revealed via Twitter that Beat and Motion is the newest title to join the magazine’s lineup of Japanese manga. It describes the plot of the new manga as being about a young man striving to fulfill his dream of becoming an animator.

Beat and Motion is the work of author Naoki Fujita and was the winner of Shuiesha Publication’s Million Tag reality competition in 2021. Million Tag was a contest that was streamed on Shonen Jump‘s YouTube channel in which prospective manga authors competed against each other. You can watch episodes of the competition on Shonen Jump’s YouTube page, with English subtitles. In addition to Beat and Motion being published for winning, Fujita was also given five million yen and the chance for his work to become an animated program on Netflix.

Shonen Jump is one of the leading manga magazines in Japan. It is known for having carried many well-known comics over the years, including the likes of Dragon Ball Z, Shaman King, Bleach, and Naruto. Many Shonen Jump properties become huge franchises and crossover into the world of merchandise, video games, and more. Some of the magazine’s more recent titles include Ichigoki is Under Control and Jiangshi X.

The first chapter of Beat and Motion is available to read now via both Viz Media’s Shonen Jump + website and Shueisha’s Manga Plus site. The second chapter will be released simultaneously in English and Japanese on March 10th.