Next New Shonen Jump Manga Series is Ichigoki’s Under Control

Next New Shonen Jump Manga Series is Ichigoki's Under Control

Shonen Jump’s run of new manga series continues with Ichigoki’s Under Control. This is the third of four new titles debuting in the magazine. It’s written by Seiji Hayashi, who also created I’m from Japan. People can read it in English via Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Ichigoki’s Under Control begins with Kai Ichigoki at school. However, when his friends talk to him, his head turns 180 degrees around. It’s then revealed that his childhood friend Misao Chiisaki is inside his head, essentially piloting him like a mech. She’s essentially a teen mad scientist. After a previous experiment left her incredibly small, Kai took her to the zoo to extract certain ingredients. While doing so, a gorilla attack killed Kai. However, Misao resurrected him by turning him into a robot and acting as his pilot. If she isn’t in the cockpit, his body goes haywire. Until she can make him into a full cyborg, the two need to learn to get by together.

The two other new Shonen Jump manga series are The Ichinose Family’s Deadly Sins and Cipher Academy. The fourth one will appear in December 2022.

Ichigoki’s Under Control is available to read via Viz Media and Manga Plus. The next chapter will appear on December 3, 2022.

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