Being A Bum Means Managing Dungeon Crawling Adventurers In This RPG


In the slacker RPG, titled Ore Ni Hatarakette Iwaretemo Otsu (or Even If You Tell  Me To Work) for PSP, you play as a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) who finds a way to pay rent by using his brilliant idea of getting adventurers to do the work for him in exchange for a share of the reward. Here’s a look at how you’ll be bumming your way out of debt in E-Smile’s oddball RPG.



Above is a game play video demonstrating how you’ll be gathering adventures to pay off your debt as a NEET hero.


The game starts out with the landlord Lilium barging in to remind you about the promise you made to pay rent. She sets the goal of having to pay rent for an entire year to gain her trust in allowing you to continue living on her property.


On the main menu screen,  you have various options such as schedule, adventurers, mail, items and more. You won’t be able to start any missions without adventurers, so that’s the first thing you’ll be doing.


The starting adventurers are lower leveled and aren’t too impressive, but you’ll get to meet higher leveled adventurers as you advance through the game. The list shows their class, names, personalities and how much they’ll cost to hire. These adventurers will join you the moment they’re hired, however, you might not always find the character class you’re looking for.


This is where the recruiting option will come in handy. You’ll be able to add filters such as class, personality, appearance, level and  cost. In this case, a cleric class wasn’t available earlier, so they found a reasonable yet slightly more expensive one through recruiting. It might cost a bit more, but having a healer is a must for any party.


On the map screen, you can take a look at various dungeons and their info such as monsters and possible drops. You can split up your hired adventurers into teams of five and have them take on different dungeons. Once you start, a real-time map showing the movement of your adventurers along with a list indicating the latest actions by each team.


You can flip through multiple maps on the overview screen, or watch a specific map with closer details on each party member’s action.


When everything is said and done, it will show the adventure results, showing off the total amount of money gained by each team along with their acquired items and other stats such as monster kills.


You will occasionally get mails from “Unique Adventurers” who happen to be passing by the town as part of their own journeys. They are usually much stronger than your average characters and come with their own rewarding events that not even a NEET could pass on. These quests are harder than regular ones and might require you to stock up on items or purchase equipment at the shops.


As if paying rent wasn’t enough for the shut-in, helping out in town development is another feature in the game. By using items acquired through dungeon runs, you’ll be able to open new stores and buildings with various features.


At the start of each month, Lilium will barge in your home to do a check-up on rent. The list shows how much you’ve earned, the amount you owe for rent and for the adventurers. If you don’t have enough to pay rent, you’ll be allowed to sell items to make up for it. If you still can’t afford it after that, you get a game over, which means the poor NEET will likely have to find a day job.


Ore Ni Hatarakette Iwaretemo Otsu is currently available for PSP.

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