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Best Aalto Build in Wuthering Waves (Weapons & Echoes)

Aalto is one of the best four-star characters available during the launch of Wuthering Waves. This guide will break down the best Aalto build in Wuthering Waves and explain which weapons, echoes, and teammates you should use with the ranged attacker.

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Aalto is a four-star Aero sub-DPS character. As a pistol wielder, he specializes in doing ranged damage. His attacks are very rogue-like with his quick speed, his ability to disappear, and how he can draw enemies away from him. Aalto is a great sub-DPS, especially if your main DPS is frail or if your team is lacking any ranged attackers.

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Which Aalto Skills Should You Level Up First?

Aalto’s main appeal is his Resonance Skill, Shift Track, and his Forte Circuit, Misty Cover. When he uses his Resonance Skill, he fills the area with Mist and creates a Mist Avatar. The Mist Avatar taunts enemies and shoots six Mist Bullets, which deals Aero damage.

When Aalto creates mist, he will disappear if he runs through it. This allows him to sneak behind enemies and get them while they’re not looking. This is his Forte Circuit. You can either have him slam enemies with a surprise attack or switch to another character to get them instead. You’ll usually be using his Forte Circuit right after his Resonance Skill, though his normal attacks can create a smaller version of Misty Cover as well.

Aalto’s ability to disappear and distract enemies is his main job, so his abilities should be leveled up to facilitate that. The rest of his abilities are good, but his Resonance Skill and Forte Circuit are the ones that you’ll be using the most, so you should just focus on them.

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Best Aalto Weapons in Wuthering Waves

These are Aalto’s best weapons:

  • Static Mist: Increases Energy Regeneration by 13 percent. When switching out, the character he switches with has their attack increased by ten percent.
  • Cadenza: When using a Resonance Skill, Concerto Energy is restored by eight points.
  • Undying Flame: After using an Intro Skill, his Resonance Skill’s damage is increased by 20 percent.
  • Novaburst: After dashing or dodging, his attack is increased by four percent. This can occur up to three times, and each stack lasts for eight seconds.
  • Pistols#26: For every five seconds he doesn’t take damage, his attack is increased by six percent. This can be stacked twice. However, as soon as he takes damage, he loses a stack.

Best Aalto Echoes in Wuthering Waves

Aalto is a pretty flexible unit, so equipping him with whatever you think will be useful will work great. Try to get Echoes that will increase his Aero damage, increase his Attack, or increase his damage after using his Intro Skill. His substats should be similar, increasing his Attack, Aero damage, Crit Damage, and Crit Rate.

Lingyang and his gaunt;lets
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Best Wuthering Waves Aalto Teams

Alto does best when partnered with a main DPS who likes to fight enemies up close because he can distract and pop up behind enemies. If you need to hit something further away, he’s pretty easy to switch into and out of.

Healers are always nice, but teaming one up with Aalto isn’t necessary because of how good at avoiding hits he is. Aalto doesn’t require any support characters for his skillset specifically, so he can work pretty well with most support characters.

These are some of the best characters to team up with Aalto:

  • Jiyan: five-star limited, Aero broadblade, DPS.
  • Lingyang: five-star standard, Glacio gauntlets, DPS.
  • Calcharo: five-star standard, Electro broadblade, DPS.
  • Rover: five-star automatic, Havoc sword, DPS/Sub DPS.
  • Sanhua: four star automatic, Glacio sword, DPS/Sub DPS.
  • Baizhi: four-star automatic, Glacio Rectifier, Support.

Wuthering Waves is now available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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