Best Fire Emblem Engage Bond Rings a windsweep

Best Fire Emblem Engage Bond Rings

While Fire Emblem Engage isn’t a gacha game, it does have a gacha mechanic with its Bond Rings. When in the Emblem Ring chamber and menu in The Somniel, it is possible to use Bond Fragments to get Bond Rings. These offer brief boosts and, in the case of some S-rank ones, skills for the character who equips them. However, not every one can get a skill attached. So here are some S-rank Bond Rings you should shoot for in Fire Emblem Engage, especially Alm’s Windsweep and Claude’s Wind God.

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Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers for some Fire Emblem Engage Bond Rings below.

  • Alm: If you get the Alm Bond Ring, you also get the skill Windsweep, which is the only way you can get this Fire Emblem Engage skill. If someone is using a sword and attacked an enemy, it will look at your luck stat. There’s a chance, which is your character’s luck%, that the enemy can’t counter. Celica needs to be in your roster to get this one.
  • Chrom: If you have Lucina around, try for the S-rank Chrom Bond Ring. This gives you the Rightful Ruler. As the in-game description says, it “adds +5% to trigger rate for all skills with trigger rates.” Make sure whoever gets this Bond Ring has skills with %-based trigger rates.
  • Claude: All three of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses leaders have useful Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage. Claude’s S-rank skill is Wind God. The official description is self-explanatory. “If unit’s HP=100%, grants range +1 with bows.” If you have Byleth, you can try and create this ring.
  • Dimitri: The Dimitri S-rank Bond Ring essentially gives you Canter/Canto in Fire Emblem Engage. Paraselene lets you move one space away from an enemy after you attack them. It can be tactically advantageous, due to allowing someone to get away for a bit. If Byleth is around, you can try and get this ring.
  • Edelgard: An S-rank Edelgard Bond Ring gives you a chance of freezing a foe temporarily with Flickering Flower. When the character with this bond ring attacks, that amount of damage becomes the percentage chance of this skill triggering. So if the person dealt 25 damage to the enemy, there’d be a 25% chance that foe would end up frozen. This is yet another Byleth Bond Ring.
  • Marisa: Lethality is her S-rank Bond Ring skill, and it can be worth getting. There’s a 30% chance you’ll automatically kill any ordinary enemy you fight when this ring is equipped. (It won’t work against a boss.) It is one of the Eirika Emblem Bond Rings.
  • Olwen: The S-rank Leif Bond Ring is great if you get a mage and give the highest forged possible Thunder tome to them. That’s because Dire Thunder lets that unit with Thunder attack twice, rather than once.
  • Ryoma: Once you have the Corrin Emblem Ring, try getting the Ryoma S-rank Bond Ring. It has the skill Bushido. While equipped, you get +10 to a character’s Crit stat if that unit is at a higher level than an enemy. They’ll also deal two more damage than they usually would and take two less damage from enemy attacks.
  • Seliph: The Seliph S-rank Bond Ring includes the Battlewise skill. If the character attacking an enemy defeats them, they get +1 to their Crit stat. This lasts until the end of the battle, and you can get up to a 10 point bonus. Seliph is a Sigurd Bond Ring.
  • Xander: Xander is another Corrin Bond Ring worth getting the S-rank version of. Its Chivalry skill lets you deal two more damage than usual and take two less damage if the enemy you attack’s health is full. However, if the enemy attacks first or you attack an already injured enemy, you don’t get that buff.

As a reminder, to get an S-rank Bond Ring in Fire Emblem Engage, you can either roll for one or combine ones you already have to get the best version of it. It is 100 Bond Fragments to “roll” for one ring, and 1,000 to roll for ten. To meld them, you need both multiples of the rings and Bond Fragments. So getting to an Alm Windsweep S-rank ring in Fire Emblem Engage would mean start with, say, two Alm C-rank rings and 100 Bond Fragments to start that journey. To get Alm S, you’d need 4 Alm A Bond Rings and 10,000 Bond Fragments.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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