FFVII Ever Crisis Best Gear
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Best Gear in FFVII Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis features a variety of equipment options, ranging from different Weapons, Materia, and Gear. While Gear may just seem cosmetic, it actually increases passive stats for individual characters. Some pieces are even better suited for more specific builds than others. This guide explains how the equipment mechanic works, breaks down which Gear is worth obtaining due to their stat increases, and includes our own personal list of the best Gear in FFVII Ever Crisis.

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Here is the Best Gear in FFVII Ever Crisis

Unfortunately, a lot of the best Gear in Ever Crisis is gated behind Gear Tickets. The in-game currency can be earned through the Premium Season Pass, purchased with real money through the shop, or unlocked through limited-time banners. This means that you will more than likely need to spend money in order to obtain the best Gear for each specific character, based on how you are looking to build them. However, you can obtain one piece of Gear entirely for free as part of the pre-registration rewards for Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. You can find the list of Gear you can obtain with the free Gear ticket here.

FFVII Ever Crisis Best Gear

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You may be wondering what makes Gear unique in Ever Crisis. Outside of providing an additional cosmetic, it also increases certain stats for specific characters. For example, the limited-time Lifeguard for Tifa increases her Healing Potency (+10 Points) and increases her HP (+10 Points). This makes her Healing on par with Aerith so long as she also has the Lifeguard Wraps equipped, which is also a seasonal exclusive item.

Below, you can find our ranking of the best Gear in FFVII Ever Crisis. Please keep in mind this list only includes Gear that has been added to the mobile game up to the Beach Festival Fun banner.

S-Rank Gear

  • Lifeguard (Tifa)
  • Murasame Battle Garb (Cloud)
  • Scrap Armor (Barret)

A-Rank Gear

  • Battlefiend Garb (Cloud)
  • Fiery Cape (Barret)
  • Metalfoot (Tifa)
  • Valiant Suit (Zack)
  • Tropical Beach (Zack)
  • Rosy Battle Suit (Aerith)
  • Rubber Harness (Red XIII)
  • Seaside Aloha (Red XIII)
  • Cake Breaker (Glenn)
  • Elite Uniform (Matt)
  • Black Stealth (Lucia)

B-Rank Gear

  • Professor (Matt)
  • Doom Dodger (Glenn)
  • Marksqueen (Lucia)

Any Gear a character comes equipped with will fall into the C-Rank category. This is because these pieces of Gear only provide a +4 to specific stats. Whereas Gear in A and B-Rank will, at the very least, provide a +8 to specific stats. The S-Rank category will increase a character’s stats anywhere from +8 to +10, depending on the Gear item. This is what makes these pieces of Gear so valuable, as they will enhance the stats of each character significantly compared to their starting equipment.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available now on Android and iOS.

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