FFVII Ever Crisis Beach Festival Fun Banner
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Is It Worth Pulling on the FFVII Ever Crisis Beach Festival Fun Banner

Square Enix introduced its very first seasonal event into Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. To usher out the end of summer, players can obtain unique rewards through event participation, and even pull on a themed banner. The banner itself features weapons and Gear for Tifa and Red XIII, and with the event hot on the heels of the game’s release, you may be wondering if it’s worth spending all of your hard earned Blue Gems. This guide will answer the burning quest of whether or not it’s worth pulling on the FFVII Ever Crisis Beach Festival fun banner.

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Is It Worth Pulling on the FFVII Ever Crisis Beach Festival Fun Banner?

The simple answer, if you are looking to keep up with the already growing power-creep of the game, is yes. The FFVII Ever Crisis Beach Festival Fun banner features two unique pieces of Gear and two unique weapons for Tifa and Red XIII, respectively. What makes the Gear worth obtaining, is that it is 5-Stars and will increase a specific stat by +10.

You may not think this is a big deal, but keep in mind that this is better than any of the 5-Star Gear you can obtain, entirely for free, through the use of the Gear Ticket that was distributed as part of the Ever Crisis pre-registration rewards. Those pieces of 5-Star Gear only increase specific stats by +8, with the free Gear you get from progressing The First Soldier Story coming in at 4-Star rarity with a +8 stat increase upgrade.

What also makes this banner worth investing in are the Lifeguard Wraps, which is a unique weapon for Tifa. This is because of the Healing Waves ability that comes with this event exclusive weapons. The Lifeguard Wraps will allow for Tifa to heal all allies for 38% of her Healing Potency. This makes Tifa one of three characters that can perform a group heal without requiring Materia, the only other two being Red XIII and Aerith. Additionally, in combination with the Lifeguard Gear, it makes her natural healing potency rival Aerith’s since it boosts her Healing Potency by +10.

Unfortunately, Red XIII’s weapon isn’t worth that investment, unless if you are looking to specifically build a party comp around Thunder damage. The Seaside Collar decreases the Thunder Resist of any enemy hit by Power Fang, which is a single target attack. Used in tandem with any Thunder spell or Cloud’s Murasame, this could be a powerful weapon to build a team around. However, as it stands, it isn’t all that useful. With the banners in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis allowing you to pick what weapon and Gear drops potentially every six pulls, you can easily get Tifa’s event exclusive equipment without running the risk of getting Red XIII’s.

If you don’t care about the power creep and don’t mind taking longer to clear content, then you don’t need to pull on this banner. But know that you will be missing out on a weapon that will put Tifa on par with Aerith in terms of healing. If you don’t have Aerith’s Fairy Tale weapon, which lets her cast Curaga, and you do have some currency saved up, you may want to consider rolling on this banner anyways.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is immediately available on Android and iOS. The Beach Fun Festival will last until September 28, 2023.

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