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Best Honkai: Star Rail Firefly Build Doesn’t Boost Her DMG

Firefly is a new 5-star Fire Destruction character in Honkai: Star Rail who you should build to prioritize Break Effect with her Light Cones and Relics. This guide will provide some suggestions so that you can maximize this Stellaron Hunter’s damage potential.

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When working on Firefly, I suggest that you give her plenty of Break Effect, SPD, and ATK % (in that order of importance). Because the majority of her damage will come from Super Break, you should not pile her with anything like Crit DMG %, Crit Rate %, or Fire DMG %. She straight up doesn’t need it. You should aim for a minimum of 360% Break Effect (though this is in combat, so calculate how much your support characters can add onto it), 2600 ATK, and 150 SPD. These numbers are optimal for hitting maximum damage with Super Break.

For her Traces, prioritize her Ultimate first. It’s where the bulk of her DMG comes from. After that, you can level up her Skill and Talent simultaneously, as they’re of equal importance to her. Her Basic Attack should be your lowest priority.

Here are the Best Light Cones For a Firefly Build

honkai star rail firefly build light cones
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  • Whereabouts Should Dreams Rest
    As Firefly’s signature Light Cone, it stands to reason that this is the best one for her optimal build. It increase her Break Effect by a whopping 60% at S0 and inflicts enemies with Routed after she deals Break DMG to them. Routed enemies receive more Break DMG and their SPD is lowered. Even if it’s just for that Break Effect increase, this is a fantastic Light Cone for her kit.
  • On the Fall of an Aeon
    On the Fall of an Aeon is a great 5-star Light Cone for most Destruction characters because of the ATK increase after the wearer attacks. It also increases the wearer’s DMG after they inflict Weakness Break. This is actually not that useful for Firefly, but the stats of a 5-star Light Cone are very good for her. It’s also easy to obtain since you can just get it and S5 it for free via Herta’s store.
  • Indelible Promise
    Indelible Promise is a good 4-star Light Cone for Firefly’s unique kit because of its Break Effect increase. It also increases her Crit Rate after she uses an Ultimate, but that’s not necessary.
  • The Moles Welcome You
    Because of the lack of Break Effect Light Cones for Firefly (as of Version 2.3) in Honkai: Star Rail, it can be difficult to get a good build for her without at least one of these three Light Cones. You can also try using one like The Moles Welcome You, which increase her ATK after her Basic ATk and Skill. ATK is good for Firefly because it’ll help with her Break DMG. She can also make use of it if you unlocked Module γ: Core Overload. This Bonus Ability increases her Break Effect by 0.8% for her 10 points of ATK above 1800.

Here are the Best Relics For Firefly in Honkai: Star Rail

star rail firefly relics build
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  • 4-pc Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge
    This Relic Set is perfect for Firefly’s kit (which makes sense since it’s her motif set). You’ll want to give her a minimum of 250% Break Effect when using this. This’ll let her ignore 10% of an enemy’s DEF when dealing Break DMG and 15% when dealing Super Break DMG. The 2-pc effect can help if you don’t have enough from other Relics, as it adds 16% Break Effect.
  • 2-pc each of Break Effect set
    Because so much of Firefly’s DMG comes from Break DMG and Super Break, you can double down on some fo the Break Effect Sets. As of Version 2.3, there are: Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge; Thief of Shooting Meteor; and Watchmaker, Master of Dream Machinations. All of these have a 16% Break Effect increase as their 2-pc effect.
  • 2-pc Break Effect Set, 2-pc Messenger Traversing Hackerspace
    Firefly needs quite a bit of SPD not only if you use Talia but also because she wants as many turns as possible before Complete Combustion ends. If you’re not able to cobble together a full set of Iron Cavalry for her, you can also give her a 2-pc of Messenger (which increases SPD) and one of the 2-pc Break Effect sets.
  • Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern
    Like Iron Cavalry, Kalpagni Lantern came out in Version 2.3 and is a Planar Ornament Set that is perfect for Firefly’s kit. It increases her SPD by 6% and increases her Break Effect by 40% when she hits an enemy target with Fire Weakness. While this may seem kind of limiting, remember that Firefly is capable of planting a Fire Weakness in enemies with her Technique and Enhanced Skill.
  • Talia: Kingdom of Banditry
    Talia is a great Planar Ornament Set for those who haven’t gotten a nice Kalpagni Lantern set for Firefly. In order to make the most of Talia’s Break Effect bonus, you’ll want to have a minimum SPD of 145. However, you should be aiming for that anyway to give Firefly as many turns as possible.
  • Space Sealing Station
    Space Sealing Station isn’t a bad Planar Ornament Set if you’re newer to the game or want to take advantage of the Module γ: Core Overload bonus. You’ll need a minimum of 120 SPD to make the most of the set but you definitely want that anyway. This is more for players who either returned to the game and haven’t unlocked the later worlds in Simulated Universe, or for those who haven’t farmed for Talia or Kalpagni Lantern.

Honkai: Star Rail is readily available on the PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. You can only pull for Firefly when the “Firefull Flyshine” banner is live.

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