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Best Paid Mobile JRPGs to Play

Android and iOS storefronts offer an incredible selection of games you can play on your smartphone or tablet right now, including some solid free JRPGs. However, if you want the best paid mobile JRPGs that you pay for once and never have to worry about ads or anything like that, these are the games you should check out.

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Best Paid Mobile JRPG for Retro Fans: Final Fantasy VI

The entire lineup of Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are available on mobile for a premium price, much like their console and PC counterparts. While you could certainly pick up all of them, Final Fantasy VI is a true classic. The stunning and timeless SNES art is fantastic alongside the beautiful world to explore.

If this isn’t enough for you, I also suggest other classic JRPG remasters like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy IV 3D.

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Best Mobile-Exclusive JRPG: Chaos Rings 3

While there are classics on Android and iOS, mobile also has its own set of exclusive games. One of the best is Chaos Rings 3 from Square Enix. Unfortunately, the first two games are unavailable at this time. However, the third title works well enough on its own. It features a Sora-like main character and several colorful worlds to explore. Its graphics might be simplistic, but the detailed characters and fun story make it worth a look.

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Best Mobile JRPG for Console Fans: Dragon Quest VIII

While plenty of paid mobile JRPGs exist on Android and iOS, few have the console-level of 3D. If you want something with a bit more polygons but not sacrificing quality in the process, check out this port of Dragon Quest VIII. It arguably looks better than the 3DS port and even original PS2 version.

The only downside may be the touch-only controls. Fortunately, the massive world feels solid to explore with even just one hand. It all works so seamlessly you might forget you aren’t using a controller.

Best paid mobile JRPGs Android and iOS
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Best Paid Mobile JRPG for iOS: Fantasian

iOS has one of the best paid mobile JRPGs of all time available exclusively on it (for now). Fantasian is unique in you can’t purchase the game at this time. Instead, you need to be a subscriber to Apple Arcade. This is one of the strongest games from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi outside of his work at Square Enix.

It is a full-fledged JRPG with a beautiful world, memorable characters, and a fascinating hand-crafted diorama art style you just have to experience. Plus, it even has controller support for those who prefer a traditional control scheme.

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