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Best Traits to Pick in Starfield

Starfield features a robust character creator with many options to pick to customize your gameplay experience. One of the most notable elements of creating your character are your traits. You can pick up to three of these (or none of them) to change your experience. Some offer you boons in battle, while others give you new locations, stories, or even a new companion. Since you can only pick three of them, you have to choose wisely. These are the five best ones I think you should consider when choosing in Starfield.

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What are the best traits to pick in Starfield

There are a lot of different traits in Starfield, so you might find some that would be best for your unique playing style. However, considering one of the following could also help.

Alien DNA

This trait means you have been experimented with alien DNA, giving you better health and endurance. This helps you survive much better during your adventures, but it comes at a cost. Your healing items are less effective.

Dream Home

One of my three picks, you get a two-floor estate on a remote planet in the system. You can customize the home to your liking. It’s available right from the start, unlike most other property. Well, if you pay 125,000 in credits for its Tom Nook-style mortgage.

Hero Worshipped

This is the only trait with an exclusive companion, which made me add it to my trio. You get the Adoring Fan, which Oblivion fans will recognize, who follows you around and praises your every second. If you can put him with his constant banter, that is.

Kid Stuff

The third and final option I picked for my playthrough, you have a mom and dad still living on New Atlantis. You can visit them, stay in your bedroom, chat with them, and the only cost is 2% of your credits every in-game week.

Don’t let this deter you, though, as there is a really sweet mini-storyline and some rewards that are more than worth the price.


One of the most fascinating and stressful traits, Wanted gives you a massive damage buff when your health is low. However, the downside (or positive for some) is mercenaries will randomly show up to take you out occasionally. The free extra XP and loot can make up for this, if you’re a daring player.

Starfield is available for Xbox Series X and PC.

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