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VTuber Streaming Software

Vtubing has been part of the mainstream for some time now, with streamers pivoting to using Live2D or even 3D models in place of webcams. Thanks to the general success of HoloLive and other groups such as Nijisanji or VShojo, the scene is now full with colorful and eclectic characters. They appear either through talent agencies or on their own as unique talents. Vtubing is intimidating on the outside, but getting into is a lot simpler than you may think! However, it will require a decent PC and investing in an avatar.

Here is a list of the best VTuber software for streaming on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.

VTube Studio

Without a doubt, VTube Studio is the standard for software that almost every VTuber uses. It is extremely light on processing power and continually received upgrades since its initial release. While it does cost money to remove the watermark on VTube Studio, you can effectively use it for free and see if it’s the right fit for you.

In the past, VTube Studio could only exclusively be used at its best when paired with an iOS device, such as an iPhone (and a line of very specific iPhone models). Now PC users can use their webcams for fairly decent tracking for their models as well.

That said, while VTube Studio is fairly inexpensive as far as software goes, it still requires some expensive components. However, it is arguably the best software out there, as it allows for VTubers to basically set their own hotkeys for expressions, and model changes, along with other functionalities other software does not.


VBridger is a software that is primarily focused on facial animations and can be linked with VTube Studio. This allows for a greater range of movement for VTuber face rigs, if the rig itself has been made in such a way to accommodate it. You may have seen VTuber puff out their cheeks or even move their mouths in more realistic ways, and this can be done with VBridger. So if you’re looking to have a greater range of expression in VTube Studio you’ll also want to get VBridger if your rig allows for it.


Not every VTuber model needs to be in Live2D or require a 3D model to get started. FugiTech is great for users that would rather use reactive PNGs to get started. This is how I would recommend VTubers first start, as commissioning an artist or creating your own artwork could be significantly cheaper than commissioning or creating your own Live2D or 3D model.

Using this reactive model is as easy as linking your Discord to the FugiTech website and uploading your own reactive PNG. The website itself walks you through the process of how to add the model to your overlays, which in itself is relatively simple. Again, this is the best option for those looking to test the waters and I highly recommend it for new VTubers. This software is also excellent to use for collaborations between yourself and any other VTubers or streamers, as it shows their reactive image on your broadcast so long as you’re in a Discord call with them.


VSeeFace is easier on PCs than higher-end 3D VTuber software. Relatively uncomplicated, this free software is easy to download and use. However, much like VTube Studio, the quality of how expressive your rig is will depend on the hardware you’re using (in this case, a phone or webcam), and how your model itself has been rigged. However, this is a great program for those who have made a VTuber model in VRoid to use. It’s a reliable program that can help early 3D VTubers stream without taxing their PC too much.


Another option for both Live2D and 3D models, Animaze originally debuted under the name FaceRig. This was the go-to software for a lot of VTubers until other programs became more readily available. Capable of allowing users to use both Live2D and 3D models in one program, it can be appealing to those that have both types of models. However, Animaze requires you to buy “DLC” to use a Live2D model in the program. It can also run a little heavy on PCs, and isn’t recommended to those running on lighter rigs or laptops.

There are other programs and software you can use to begin streaming as a VTuber on Youtube, Twitch, and other platforms. But these are some of the most generally used on the market, and are continually supported by updates. But feel free to test out what works best for you as you being your VTubing journey!

VTube Studio, VBridger, VSeeFace, and Animaze are available on PC through Steam. FugiTech can be used through your internet browser, or downloaded. VTube Studio is available for iOS devices.

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